I’m all for nautical décor…as long as it doesn’t overtake my home.  A seafaring theme to me is about color.  And not necessarily red, white and blue.  If you sit at the edge of the ocean and watch long enough you will notice the wide array of blues and greens – pinks, yellows and browns.

L.L. Bean gets so many things right – shoes, rugs, tents, outerwear. And also bedding. I don’t need waves or anchors on my sheets, but this comforter cover and shams hit all the right notes. Soft shades can be paired with lots of sheets. And these are soft, soft cotton.


Here, it is clearly spring or summer, but this ensemble can move into any season. And really, don’t you want to be sailing all year ‘round?

So cruise over to and you’ll feel the lull of the sea.

Let me know how YOU sleep…

Posted on October 24, 2013 and filed under where you live.