How to SAVE YOUR LIFE…sort of

My calendar, my pictures, my contacts - what did I do before I became completely dependent on my cell phone?  Specifically an IPhone. I carried around my calendar in my organizer - but if I wasn't near a laptop to access White Pages, I could never remember numbers that I needed.  

Flash to walking down the street here in NYC (or any location where there are sidewalks or a parking lot) watching in slo-mo as your phone slips out of your hand and crashes onto the concrete and explodes into too many pieces.  And if you haven't done a back-up recently, say goodbye to your schedule, photos and contacts.

You can replace the sidewalk scenario with any number of situations. Of course, dropping your phone overboard is really painful - as is watching your phone hit the snowbank from a chairlift. Well, I'm sure you can some up with your own events.


I was standing in the checkout line at the Container Store. There are all sorts of little temptations hung on pegs to encourage impulse purchases and I was not immune.
THERE IT WAS. And it immediately made sense to me. MY BUNJEE. But would it work?

photo 1.JPG

I had my doubts, but I can testify that it works. It has dangled precariously from my bag inches from the subways platform. Slide the gripper part over your phone and then clip to a zipper on your jacket, pocketbook zipper/handle or belt loop. Watch the cord bounce when you test it. YES!  It works!


The card the bunjee is on shows slipping it on the top of the phone, but on my IPhone I put it on the bottom so you can access the bottom and side buttons.


The website is or and search for bunjee.  There are other styles on their U.K site, but I have not seem them at the Container Store. It's $9.99. Try it. If you have something better let me know. But this is how you can sort of save your life. 

Posted on February 4, 2014 and filed under what you need.