It's time to tell you about protecting your pups - from the sun. Yes it's a danger, just like to us hoomans. 

Do you take your pal sailing? Paddleboarding? Kayaking? To the beach? The park? 

Yeah, that's what I thought! Well then, you need to know that 30 minutes of direct sun on your furry friend can lead to skin issues - just like for us. Yes, that means possible melanoma, skin cancer. First off you should have your vet do a body check. And then take precaution. Which, as it turns out is really easy!

NAVY the SAILOR DOG looking sporty

NAVY the SAILOR DOG looking sporty

This is SOLARDOGZ -  the sun guard/rashguard shirt for dogs. They can be worn all day - and under the life jacket. Just like rashguards they are 4 way stretch and quick dry. Are you convinced yet that this is a good idea? So the question is - do you want to protect your pal or not? Get smart! There is more information at www.solardogz.com but we don't know what else to say, except your best friend will thank you after a long day in the sun. 



Posted on July 30, 2018 and filed under what you need.