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It's time to tell you about protecting your pups - from the sun. Yes it's a danger, just like to us hoomans. 

Do you take your pal sailing? Paddleboarding? Kayaking? To the beach? The park? 

Yeah, that's what I thought! Well then, you need to know that 30 minutes of direct sun on your furry friend can lead to skin issues - just like for us. Yes, that means possible melanoma, skin cancer. First off you should have your vet do a body check. And then take precaution. Which, as it turns out is really easy!

NAVY the SAILOR DOG looking sporty

NAVY the SAILOR DOG looking sporty

This is SOLARDOGZ -  the sun guard/rashguard shirt for dogs. They can be worn all day - and under the life jacket. Just like rashguards they are 4 way stretch and quick dry. Are you convinced yet that this is a good idea? So the question is - do you want to protect your pal or not? Get smart! There is more information at but we don't know what else to say, except your best friend will thank you after a long day in the sun. 



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I have found a light that's safe, rechargeable, water-resistant and doesn't use batteries. It's also remarkably designed.

Solar lights have been around for a while, but I always think of those solar garden lights on spikes for sidewalks. Solight-design (tm) has created an amazing product called SOLARPUFF (tm). It fits in the palm of your hand and is virtually weightless.

My immediate thought was "How great for a boat!" because it folds flat and, when open, has a velcro handle you can attach anywhere - the mast, in the cabin, or a lifeline - or on top of your SUP! The light settings are low, high and flash. The basic product produces a white LED light, but there are others that have colors. An 8 hour charge in the sun will give you 8 - 12 hours of light. Better than your phone.

Here's how it works:  

 Hold the bottom, pull up on the handle and it pops open.  Press the on/off button on the bottom. BINGO! You've got light!

 Hold the bottom, pull up on the handle and it pops open.
 Press the on/off button on the bottom. BINGO! You've got light!

Its astonishing simple design won it a place in the Museum of Modern Art. But it took years to arrive at its beautiful, safe and transportable origami style box. And it was Alice Chun, the creator, who realized after the Haiti earthquake that the world needed an alternative to unsafe kerosene.

What separates SOLARPUFF from other companies is their commitment to provide this light to communities with no access to electricity like  Haiti, Nepal, Syria, Ghana and more. Alice and her company have graciously offered to readers of this blog a 10% discount with the code StarboardTack10 at . There are discounts for multiple light purchases as well. And you can donate to one of the countries on their site to send Solarpuffs.

I can't imagine NOT having a few on your boat, in your emergency kit or even in your car. A quality product in design and materials, it's a small green way to feel connected to the rest of the world.


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